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These are my web design & programming projects.

Broadband Policy Summit

For six years I've designed and maintained the conference website for Pike & Fischer's Broadband Policy Summit. This most-recent iteration of the site is hand-coded and XHTML compliant.

  • I've worked closely with conference organizers to post daily updates to the site and support marketing initiatives such as banners, print promotions, and e-mail newsletters.
  • The homepage features a slideshow dijit from the Dojo Javascript Toolkit, which degrades gracefully in incompatible browsers.
  • The grid layout was planned with extensive wireframing of the site in Photoshop.
Broadband Policy Summit Homepage Wireframe


Oddbook is a lightweight CMS for tracking books that one has read. I did not write the original (PHP) code for the software, but I salvaged and maintained the project when it had fallen into obscurity. Working from an incomplete copy on the only known server running the software, I've developed a user-friendly install script and made numerous other fixes to outdated and disorganized code.

  • The CMS is written from scratch in PHP using the MySQL database engine.
  • My principle contribution to Oddbook has been reverse-engineering the database schema the application runs on. Since the original code did not include an install script or documentation, I've provided those as well.
  • The project had no home when I came to it so I've given it one on Google Code. Now the project is tracked by the Subversion version control system and proper documentation is in the works.
  • I've given the project an original logo, using the open source vector graphics program Inkscape.
Oddbook Logo Oddbook Start Page

The Pipe

The Pipe is the broadband and new media blog of Pike & Fischer's Broadband Advisory Services. It runs on WordPress and uses a custom theme that I designed to mimic the look and feel of the Broadband Advisory Services site. The blog is served from a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server running Ubuntu, which I have maintained since the blog launched.

  • Incremental improvements have been made to the site with WordPress plugins, Google Analytics metrics, and additional server software to send e-mail updates.
  • I've been responsible for making backups of the WordPress install and MySQL database since the site's launch.
The Pipe Homepage